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About KO

Thank you for visiting Totally KO. I’m so glad you’re here .

If you’re wondering where “Totally KO” comes from, it is a play on my nickname, “KO” and the boxing term TKO (Total Knock Out). However, my friends call me Katherine and I hope you will, too.

Despite spending years working in healthcare, my story is one of struggling to find solutions that allowed me to have control over my body and health. Almost since I can remember it seemed it a struggle for me. I read every book, tried plenty of doctors, followed every expert, tried almost every diet I could find, something, anything, to gain control over what felt to me like an uncontrollable situation.

I discovered fasting in 2017. And, it is the best thing I’ve found to date, but as I will share in this blog, I’m still learning and refining what works for me.

I am writing to you from beautiful, sunny Colorado where I live with my fiancé, Ben, and our two dogs Luka and Talus who, let’s be honest, are the best part of this blog.