There just don’t seem to be enough blogs in the world, so I thought I’d start one.

To be serious, I’ve gotten very into fasting in the last two years and I want to share my experience, learn from others and help contribute to this growing community.

Then of course, the rest of my life will likely seep in too. That means two of the sweetest little furry friends, outings in CO, trips someday when we’re allowed to take those again, and other fun adventures.

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I am a learner. One of those people who is constantly reading (or in my case listening) trying to figure out how life works and how to win at it. In undergrad I studied Physics – yup, total nerd. In grad school I studied Business Administration with a concentration in sustainability. Because I love business, but business while keeping our planet healthy.

This relentless drive to understand how life works of course carried into my body too. I always felt a bit like we as humans should come with an owner’s manual. I generally find manuals dry, but I would totally read that thing!

Without it, to me, feelings are like uncontrollable windshield wipers – what is happening and how do I stop them? Why am I allergic to everything? How do I become lean and healthy when I do everything I’m “supposed to do” and it just seems to make it worse? What’s this anxiety you speak of, isn’t that just life’s constant background noise?

The other thing you should probably know about me is I don’t take myself too seriously. It may be different here, but generally I am not really the talk-about-myself type. Frankly, it makes me uncomfortable. But, the good news is I feel here like I’m basically just writing to myself (especially since no one else has read this yet – who knows if you ever will). So, it doesn’t seem too bad.

If you are here, I so appreciate that you’re here reading this. Thanks you! I’ll share the best of what I learn and I hope you will share what you learn with me too.