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Butler Gulch

We couldn't believe our good luck. Untouched snow, a beautiful gentle rolling hill, too perfect. Talus and Luka were in heaven.

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Eldorado Canyon

In Colorado, like most parts of the country at this point, we're on lock-down for COVID-19. As a way to keep our sanity and get the dogs some exercise, Ben and I have been exploring trails off the beaten path in our area. Last night we visited this spectacular spot.

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Beginning Totally KO

There just don’t seem to be enough blogs in the world, so I thought I’d start one.

To be serious, I’ve gotten very into fasting in the last two years and I want to share my experience, learn from others and help contribute to this growing community.

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All photo credit on this site (unless designated otherwise) goes to my amazing fiancé, Ben Barthel. If you are interested in his work, check out his shop on Etsy.


I'm sharing my personal experience. I am by no means an expert or medical doctor or offering advice.

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