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The World According to Talus

1. If there is an opportunity to hunt – I'M ON IT! Squirrels, deer, mice (3 caught so far), geese, rabbits, chipmunks, pika, marmots, moose, big horned sheep, goats, bronze elk statues, flies…

2. When laying on a couch (even the extra wide couches), I need minimum of 50% of the cushions, 80% is preferred. I gotta stretch out. Same rule applies to Queen & King size beds too.

Luka World

The World According to Luka

1. I am a kind Tsarina who treats my subjects fairly and with love, as long as you don’t ever dare to cross me!

2. There are no strangers – I must greet everyone.

3. Everyone needs gentle love and attention from their Supreme Ruler.

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Beginning Totally KO

There just don’t seem to be enough blogs in the world, so I thought I’d start one.

To be serious, I’ve gotten very into fasting in the last two years and I want to share my experience, learn from others and help contribute to this growing community.

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All photo credit on this site (unless designated otherwise) goes to my amazing fiancé, Ben Barthel. If you are interested in his work, check out his shop on Etsy.


I'm sharing my personal experience. I am by no means an expert or medical doctor or offering advice.

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