In Colorado, like most parts of the country at this point, we're on lock-down for COVID-19. As a way to keep our sanity and get the dogs some exercise, Ben and I have been exploring trails off the beaten path in our area. Last night we visited this spectacular spot.

Thanks to a quick Wikipedia search, I can share with you that Ute Indians were the first inhabitants of Eldorado Canyon. They sought shelter in it during the winter months. Clearly, a smart move, as we noticed a ~10-degree temperature change passing from outside to inside the canyon.

What I love most about this canyon is jagged cliffs for miles, vibrant warm colors, and a sense that you are insulated from the rest of the big scary world. Eldorado Canyon, to me, feels like a safe space. A little cradle carved into the Rockies.

There are almost as many Talus fields as there are cliffs. Talus (our dog) got his name from these rock fields. So it always feels a little extra special to see Talus playing on talus rock.

20200401 - 190911-2

Fun Fact: Eldorado Canyon is known for its geological history and includes rocks estimated to be over 1.5 billion years old.

If jagged mountains and scenic hiking is your thing, you've got to check out Eldorado Canyon!