Keto - Week 3

Getting back into Alternate Day Fasting (ADF) and loving the combo of keto w/ADF. It hasn’t been quite as effortless as some of my keto/fasting friends said it would be. I do find I crave food on my fasting days, but I’m staying strong. And, on the whole I’m feeling wonderful!  I finally weighed in the other day (I didn’t want to look at the scale too early on and derail myself) and... I’m down 6 lbs, which for me is a big two-week weight-loss!  

Monday was a 40 hr fast, Wednesday was 37 hrs, and I’m about 16 hrs into my Friday fast. I didn’t really want to fast today (mostly b/c I got some new keto food at the grocery store last night that I want to try), but I’m staying strong and just sticking to coffee + water.

Here’s what I really wanted to share with you.  I’ve been pricking up a storm and have GKIs from my last several days while I fasted. Here’s what I notice:

1.     All my best readings are when I’m fasting (>=3.5 ketones or <70 glucose).

2.     Even though I fasted longer on Monday than Wednesday, my Wednesday numbers look better and I wonder if that is because the consecutive fasting compounds the effect.

3.     My GKI/Dr. Boz ratios have been in the fat burning zones for a while now, which is great! I’m hoping that this will lead to big changes in my body composition too.

Screenshot_2020-06-19 Ketone Tracking

In case you are not familar with what these ratios mean, here is the little guide that Dr. Boz typically provides. My goal is to consistently be under 80 on her ratio so that I am mazimizing weightloss (and the lower the better).

Screenshot_2020-06-12 Ketone Tracking(1)


Since I've been on such a measurement kick, for my fasting support group this week I made this little chart. I hope this side-by-side comparison of ketone measurement types might be helpful to others who are looking to get into measuring their ketones, glucose, and GKI ratio.

Blood vs Urine vs Breath


Thanks for reading!