Keto - Week 2

I think the hardest part is over. I’m officially in ketosis and through the flu phase. Woo hoo! I feel great. It was actually a lot easier than I expected to make the transition. I think the easy transition and my generally good numbers is due in large part to all the years of fasting!

Being the data neeerrrddd that I am, I’ve been tracking my ketones and glucose regularly. I have been doing this in two ways:

1.     The urine strips, basically constantly

2.     Blood measurements of both ketones and glucose ~1x per day (until I ordered more strips)

For me this was really helpful to make sure that I was eating enough fat and getting my macros right. It made me feel a lot better to know for sure that I was on the right track even before I could see any results. Here is what my numbers look like.

Screenshot_2020-06-12 Ketone Tracking(2)

In case you are not familar with what these ratios mean, here is the little guide that Dr. Boz typically provides. My goal is to consistently be under 80 on her ratio so that I am mazimizing weightloss (and the lower the better).

Screenshot_2020-06-12 Ketone Tracking(1)

Last week I noticed a lot of brain fog, had three days of headaches, and felt a bit gross/lethargic. It was exacerbated by the fact that I went on two big hikes two days in a row, the second of which when I was ~15 hours into fasting and a tad hung over (scotch is so much stronger than wine!) I wouldn’t recommend that combo, it was rough. 



Going Keto was so much easier than I expected. Right, Talus?

Hosting friends for dinner Saturday night made me a bit nervous, but it went great! Ben smoked ribs and I dipped them in a butter, sour cream, and feta sauce. Plus, we had a salad straight from the garden that was beyond delicious.

By the start of Week 2 the fogginess and flu symptoms had all cleared and I felt great.

I had a disappointing conversation with a Dr. on Monday who is supposed to be a low-carb advocate, but he didn’t seem to think I needed Keto. He thought that basically because of my gender I was at a good weight/size even though I am still slightly overweight and more importantly I know I am not the healthiest version of myself right now (much better, though, than when I first started fasting).


We’ll see how it goes, but I was a little disappointed to hear that from someone I hoped would be an ally in this. But, I’m not going to let him deter me. I’m fasting all day today. Shooting for 36 hours. It, feels a little strange to get back into fasting after a week of eating every day. It is amazing how quickly the body adapts to a new routine, isn’t it?!