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3 ways to make fasting easier

When I started ignoring the first rule of fasting, I began to hear from many people who had not tried it just how hard fasting is. But, as so many fasters know, it is actually not nearly as hard as everyone thinks. And, like anything else in life, it gets easier the more you practice.

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The Spiritual Side of Fasting

On Monday, for the first time since I began this group almost six months ago, we talked about fasting not as a health or weight loss tool, but rather as a spiritual practice. Normally, I’d steer clear of religion simply because...

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The World According to Talus

1. If there is an opportunity to hunt – I'M ON IT! Squirrels, deer, mice (3 caught so far), geese, rabbits, chipmunks, pika, marmots, moose, big horned sheep, goats, bronze elk statues, flies…

2. When laying on a couch (even the extra wide couches), I need minimum of 50% of the cushions, 80% is preferred. I gotta stretch out. Same rule applies to Queen & King size beds too.

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Mindful (vs. Distracted) Fasting

One of the most common pieces of advice that I hear people give new fasters (I do it too!) is to “stay busy while you’re fasting.” The idea being that if you can stay so busy at work, reorganizing the garage, listening to book after book on Audible, etc. you won’t have time to fixate on your hunger. You can trick yourself into completing the fast.
However, as I’ve become more comfortable with this sensation of an empty stomach, I’ve started experimenting with something I’m going to call “Mindful Fasting.”

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Ketones, low glucose, and fasting - Oh My!

I’ve been pricking up a storm and have GKIs from my last several days while I fasted. Here’s what I notice:

1. All my best readings are when I’m fasting (>=3.5 ketones or <70 glucose). 2. Even though I fasted longer on Monday than Wednesday, my Wednesday numbers look better and I wonder if that is because the consecutive fasting compounds the effect. 3. My GKI/Dr. Boz ratios have been in the fat burning zones for a while now, which is great! I’m hoping that this will lead to big changes in my body composition too.

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Officially in Ketosis!

I think the hardest part is over. I’m officially in ketosis and through the flu phase. Woo hoo! I feel great. It was actually a lot easier than I expected to make the transition. I think the easy transition and my generally good numbers is due in large part to all the years of fasting!

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