Doing it all backwards – Fasting to Keto?

It seems most get into Keto first and then slowly adapt to fasting. I’m doing it all backwards.

I’ve gone from experimenting with fasting to being, what I’d like to think is, a real “faster” over the last two years, but I’ve never really gotten into Keto. Sure, I have the strips. Yes, they’ve turned pink a few times for a few days, but I wasn’t really in a place where I was ready to go all-in on the fat-heavy diet.

Luka World

The World According to Luka

1. I am a kind Tsarina who treats my subjects fairly and with love, as long as you don’t ever dare to cross me!

2. There are no strangers – I must greet everyone.

3. Everyone needs gentle love and attention from their Supreme Ruler.

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Butler Gulch

We couldn’t believe our good luck. Untouched snow, a beautiful gentle rolling hill, too perfect. Talus and Luka were in heaven.

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Eldorado Canyon

In Colorado, like most parts of the country at this point, we’re on lock-down for COVID-19. As a way to keep our sanity and get the dogs some exercise, Ben and I have been exploring trails off the beaten path in our area. Last night we visited this spectacular spot.


Glamorous Sparkling Water

Attitude makes such a difference in fasting. You can choose to feel sorry for yourself and wallow in your hunger. Or, you can choose to see this as a challenge, an opportunity to recognize that you live in a world of abundance…

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Beginning Totally KO

There just don’t seem to be enough blogs in the world, so I thought I’d start one.

To be serious, I’ve gotten very into fasting in the last two years and I want to share my experience, learn from others and help contribute to this growing community.

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The “Fast 30” Challenge

“That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of!” – I believe were my exact words when I first heard about Intermittent Fasting (IF). My thinking being that weight loss is a simple formula…

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