According to Luka:

1. I am a kind Tsarina who treats my subjects fairly and with love, as long as you don’t ever dare to cross me!

2. There are no strangers – I must greet everyone.

3. Everyone needs gentle love and attention from their Supreme Ruler.


luka and penguins

Photo Credit: Me.

World's Cutest Polar Bear

For Luka’s 1st Halloween, she went a polar bear and had three penguins to snack on.



• Prancing through snow and biting tails.

• Thanksgiving turkey! Or any free-range hand-fed poultry that has been cooking for 2+ hours.

• Resting my heavy head (it’s hard carrying a crown) on tables, chairs, and human or K9 subjects.


2 Week Old Puppies Samoyed Cute Furry SLeep Cuddling Suckling

Photo Credit: Me.

She's a Pocket-sized Samoyed

While being quite the authoritative supreme ruler, Luka is half the size of her other four littermates. Weighing only 37 lbs, which is quite small for a Samoyed.

She was not the runt of the litter (obviously, that’s not royal behavior), but perhaps due to her selective, sophisticated palate she’s never bulked up the way the others have.



• TRAINS! They are scary, loathsome vial monsters that I am working to have eradicated from my kingdom.

• Suitcases; it means Mom might be leaving and that is unacceptable.

• Sharing with Talus; I’m a Tsarina! Tsarinas don’t share.


Luka Europe Samoyed Fairy Tale

Photo Credit: Lorenzo Bianchi

The Village of Luka

Given her Siberian heritage it seemed only right to give her a Eastern European name. So, Luka is named for the village of Luka, but please don't tell her that. She thinks it is an old royal family name.