According to Talus:

1.     If there is an opportunity to hunt – I’M ON IT! Squirrels, deer, mice (3 caught so far), geese, rabbits, chipmunks, pika, marmots, moose, big horned sheep, goats, bronze elk statues, flies…

2.     When laying on a couch (even the extra wide couches), I need minimum of 50% of the cushions, 80% is preferred. I gotta stretch out. Same rule applies to Queen & King size beds too.

3.     I must lick you. Excessive licking is for saying “hello,” “I’m sorry,” “I like that,” “hey again,” etc.


rescue dog mutt fasting keto ADF autophagy

Thank You, Lightshine!

Talus was rescued from the Pine Ridge Native American Reservation in South Dakota by Lightshine Canine Rescue Group.



·      Dad.

·      Mom and Luka are ok too.

·      Hunting any and everything.

·      Counter surfing for extra treats.

·      Face biting with Luka.

rescue dog mutt fasting keto ADF autophagy

The Perfect Blend

Talus is 25% German Shepherd, 20% Border Collie, 20% Lab and 15% Super Mutt Badass Blend.



·      Dad or Mom leaving.

·      Luka stealing my stuff.

·      “My suit” (aka harness).

·      Not hunting.


Despite their best efforts, I have successfully eaten...

  • An extra large bag of walnuts
  • A pound of butter
  • A chocolate cake
  • 6 charcol and iron handwarmers
  • A bag of espresso beans
  • A whole bag of Luka's food
  • Half a 30 lbs bag of my food
  • And many more things they don't even know about [heh heh]