What to do when you want to fast, but just don't feel like actually fasting?

There are days when I feel inspired to fast. They’re usually days when I’ve just seen promising progress (a pair of jeans that didn’t fit a few months ago now does) or I am on a fasting high from the last few days of consecutive non-eating.

However, there are probably as many, if not more days, where it can be hard to stick with it. When there is tempting food around, a stressful day, or frankly, I just don’t feel like it for some hard to articulate reason. These are the days (like today) where I need a little boost.

Here are my top three tips for fasting even when you would prefer to eat. What are your favorite tips for pushing through the stickiness and fasting on?

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The pictures you see here are from our recent trip to Mayflower Gulch. My bonus tip, is go get out of your setting. Get in nature. Mix it up. It is hard to think too much about fasting or feasting when you're not around tempting food and you're out exploring the amazingness of nature!

Even if you can't get this far out of the city. Just go appreciate something that is alive!